Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Where Do I Buy These Fabrics??


Even before I closed the One World Fabrics website, I had numerous emails from customers who were worried they would not be able to find continuing sources for Japanese Taupe fabrics.  It is difficult to find them unless you are buying directly from retailers in Japan.  I know this. That is one of the reasons I created One World Fabrics several years ago, as I saw a real need for a store that would bring all these fabrics to the Western market.

Fortunately for you, there are a few other sources in the U.S. and Canada, and during the time I was running the business, a few other people opened stores in competition with me, carrying some of the fabric lines I did.

What follows is a list of retailers who sell Japanese Taupe fabrics.  Some are walk in stores that have a website where you can order some or all of their offerings, some are Etsy stores.  There are also a few in other countries that I have found by doing internet searches.  You might find more than my list here, and I am sure there will be more stores that will carry these fabrics in the future.  The number of people using Taupe fabrics, and decorating with this color palette is growing every day.

These are in order of my personal favorites.  Some specialize more in general Japanese fabrics and Sashiko supplies.

1. Quilted Threads in Henniker, New Hampshire (http://www.quiltedthreads.com) - For a walk in store, QT has one of the very best selections of real, authentic Japanese Taupe fabrics, and has an especially good selection of yarn dyed wovens. If you have a chance to visit the store in person, do so. You will be pleasantly surprised with lots of Taupe samples, Sashiko samples, and a very friendly staff. They also offer a Taupe fabric club online, and several Taupe BOM programs.

2. Kallisti Quilts in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (http://www.kallistiquilts.com) - Michelle has been carrying Taupe fabrics for quite some time.  Originally just an Etsy shop, she now has a new website.  She also carries a few batiks and other imported fabrics.

3. Willow Lane Quilting Company, Seattle, Washington (http://www.willowlanequiltingcompany.com) - This store is run by Priscilla Knoble who many of you know as the owner of Stitch Publications. Priscilla has a passion for Taupe fabrics and carries not only a very good selection of fabrics, but also a wonderful assortment of notions that are regularly used by quilters in Japan.

4. Quilting Foxes in Mt. Vernon, Washington (http://www.quiltingfoxes.com) - Also originally an Etsy store, they have a new website that offers Taupe and other Japanese fabrics, and Sashiko supplies.

5. Kimonomomo in Alameda, California (http://www.etsy.com/shop/kimonomomo) - This is an Etsy shop and is not focused on Taupe per se. They carry a wide assortment of Japanese fabrics and also Sashiko supplies.  They do have a good selection of indigo prints, and kimono silks.

6. Shibori Dragon in University Place, Washington (https://shiboridragon.com/) - A large store carrying a nice selection of Taupe prints and some yarn dyes.  Lots of other Asian fabrics, and an excellent selection of Sashiko supplies.

7. Holly and Ivy in Ripon, Wisconson (http://www.etsy.com/shop/fromhollyandivy) - This shop is closing their walk in store and going strictly to Etsy at the end of Summer.  They currently have some sales going.  They carry a few Daiwabo fabrics, but mostly reproductions, wool, and a bit of perle cotton.

This next shop I almost did not include, because it has been difficult to order from, however, they now are handling their orders through a brokerage business in Japan that handles shipping of orders.  I have ordered from them with delivery to Oregon with no problems.

8. Quilt Party in Japan (https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/quiltparty/) - This is the store owned and run by Yoko Saito.  I was fortunate enough to visit this shop in person while visiting Japan in 2014, and there really is no better source for Taupes. The shop carries all of Yoko Saito's fabrics, but also beautiful Taupe fabrics from many other designers.  The shipping is a little expensive, and time consuming, but for the true fan of Taupe fabrics, you will find a great selection here.

And, finally, this last shop is out of the U.S. and I have not ordered from them.  I found them through internet searches and links off of Pinterest.  You should do a little more digging for information on them before trying to order.

9. Quilt House Russia in Moscow (https://www.etsy.com/shop/QuiltHouseRussia) - Seems to have a beautiful selection of Taupe fabrics, particularly yarn dyes.  Many I have never seen.  Intriguing.

Good luck in your search for beautiful fabrics!

Please, when you shop at any of the above shops, mention that you were referred by Steven Lennert from One World Fabrics, and that you heard about their shop through my blog.
I hope you will continue to follow my blog, as I do plan to share some of my projects and continued fun things to do with Taupe fabrics.  Most of these last few months has been spent on completing the Twilight Garden BOM, but I will also have articles sharing many other projects in the future.

Happy sewing to everyone.




  1. Thank you for the list, Steven - I'll certainly hang on to it. Here in Australia, it is even harder to source these fabrics so I stock up when I'm in the USA. Another shop that I've had success with taupes is Fern Hill in the Amana Colonies of Iowa.

    1. Kris - Thank you for mentioning Fern Hill Fabrics. I checked out their website and they do carry the Serenity line of Taupe prints. Their website url is https://fernhill.net/ but I will caution shoppers. They currently have an expired security SSL certificate, so their site may be a little risky to visit at this time.

  2. Thanks Steven, I am pleased to hear you are not going away.. I enjoy the BOM.. and appreciate you taking the time to make a list. I did a bit of that myself but missed a few that you have found. Thanks very much.. look forward to more from you on your blog. Bob L.

  3. I am delighted your blog will continue. Your in depth descriptions, great photos, and carefully listed corrections have been so helpful as I construct the Twighlight Gardens quilt. This quilt is a great primer in many quilting techniques, taking me a bit out of my usual comfort zone! I really feel supported as I practice some new methods of Appliqué, etc.